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Suffering from ENT disorders

It has been our well-established expertise to offer patients effective treatment solutions for several of the most commonly seen ENT disorders. With our profound technology basis, we've been successfully rendering patients safer, efficient, less painful and traumatic surgical solutions, helping them go back to their normal life more rapidly with minimal surgical invasion.

Hypertrophic lingual tonsil
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Hyperthrophic lingual tonsil


Due to its prevalent presence of blood vessel and nerves, the pharynx is susceptible to various kinds of lesions and diseases which are caused by different pathogenic factors. Among those factors, the hyperthrophic lingual tonsil stands out as the most predominant one. As an essential part of the pharynx lymph, the lingual tonsil, once became inflamed repeatedly, often lead to some typical symptoms, such as throat pain and itching, throat congestion, snoring, coughing, etc.


Treatment options


Medication therapies and other forms of conventional treatment methods such as freezing, laser or microwave-facilitated resection, and traditional radiofrequency technique, only help relieve the symptoms in some degree, leaving a fat chance of recurrence of the disordered condition. Since there is a rich blood supply in the lingual tonsil, which is located in a comparatively deeper site, those methods usually result in uncontrollable bleeding, severer surgical injury and tissue necrosis.


Having been clinically proved as a preferable surgical technique which's generally employed in  minimally invasive endoscopic nasal procedures, the low temperature RF plasma ablation technique boasts the advantages of causing slight adverse reaction and minimal surgical injury as compared with traditional RF techniques.