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Suffering from ENT disorders

It has been our well-established expertise to offer patients effective treatment solutions for several of the most commonly seen ENT disorders. With our profound technology basis, we've been successfully rendering patients safer, efficient, less painful and traumatic surgical solutions, helping them go back to their normal life more rapidly with minimal surgical invasion.

Subglottic stenosis
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Subglottic stenosis


Subglottic stenosis refers to the block at one or both sides of the lower part of glottis, which is caused mainly by abnormal development of glottis or external physical injury.




Major causes for subglottic stenosis include:

• Congenital factors: unexplained cartilaginous or membranous subglottic stenosis or congenital space occupying lesions; autoimmune, gastroesophageal reflux, laryngotracheal infection are also potential causes.

• Traumatic agents: tracheal intubation injury, laryngotracheal injury and iatrogenic injury.  




The soft-laryngotracheal and hard-laryngotracheal endoscopic examinations are commonly regarded as the most reliable techniques for the diagnosis of subglottic stenosis, which are usually conducted under general anesthesia. During the diagnosis procedure, a tracheal cannula or a bronchoscope is applied to measure the area of the stenosis, and to see if there is any other stenosis and presence of airway deformity.


Surgical solution


Among different techniques concering the surgical treatment for subglottic stenosis, the low temperature plasma RF ablation has been clinically proved to be a preferable one, for such novel technique renders relevant surgery safer, more efficient, and minimally invasive.