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Plasma Wands

As a major component of the Plasma Surgery System, our Plasma Wand is intended for the use in an outstanding breadth of surgical procedures, including ENT, Spinal, Arthroscopic, urology surgeries, etc. Based on our technology, we offer surgeons specially designed Plasma Wand that combines tissue ablation, resection, and blood vessels coagulation in one versatile device.

Plasma Wands
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For ENT Surgery

Available in different sizes and electrode configurations, our ENT Wands are designed to meet different anatomical needs in several of the most commonly performed ENT procedures. Major wand selections include built-in suction for tissue removal and improved surgical visua...

For Spine Surgery

Designed for an alternative to conventional open back surgery.

For Sports Medicine

With our unique technology, we offer surgeons exceptional control, precision, versatility, and a comprehensive portfolio of plasma tools to enable their everyday arthroscopic needs.